HELLo FiEnDs, new and old. You have found the home of  The Graveyard Shift (internet radio show) &  I am your host "ThE CreMaToR." 

 Music has always been a part of my life. In 1981 I picked up the bass guitar, and never looked back. I spent some time in some bands, which came to an apex in Seattle in the very early days of flannel and blown out jeans. We found ourselves behind some chicken wire, drinking beer, smokin' some weed backstage, as I dropped 3 hits of acid. 

 Sure, that was a great time (or so I was told) But we were faced with a problem, that today's musicians still face. How to get heard ? How to get noticed ?  Sure, if you knew a radio dj and had some extra cash, he might listen to your tape, but most would just take the money and toss the tape in the garbage. (from my personal experiences)  

 The Graveyard Shift was created because of that need to be heard. The talent gathered here is nothing short of phenomenal and more are buried daily. 

The graveyard gates creaked open for the very first time, on Halloween night (October 31st 2006) The format, for almost 9 years, was mixing the best from the UnDeRWoRlD (unsigned) and mainstream hard rock, punk and metal bands, and some great interviews along the way. The Graveyard Shift went completely underground on January 1st 2017 as the show moved to ISX Radio.( The music and the bands, as I stated before, are phenomenal. Now there is a way to be heard and also be able network with other bands from around town or the other side of the globe.  Welcome to the Graveyard. 

- R.I.P. my FiEnDs \\m//-